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The Die2Nite Herald Issue #5 Searching for the Tower

The Die2Nite Herald Issue #5 Searching for the Tower

Wheehh. Finally back to work. I fell sick the day after issue 4 was released and obviously i could not work on the 5th installment up until now. I hate being sick. Being sick sucks , not being able to eat because your sick sucks even more. But today i feel better so naturally an ample supply of fried rice and chicken shnitzels has been delivered to my home. After having a huge breakfastlunchdinner i sat down infront of the computer and here i am. Making the 5th issue of the Die2Nite Herald. For this one i decided to talk about the infamous Searchtower. Did S3 doomed us all by removing the tower or were we relying on it too much? Find out inside.

Yours Azmael

The Search For The Searchtower

Searchtower. THE SEARCHTOWER! There is little doubt that this and the town gates are the two most important buildings in the game. The first two seasons of the game made upgrading anything else but the ST to level 5 a suicide. And if it was not built by day 5 it was usually too late for the town. The build and upgrade order in previous seasons was dull and fixed. Season 3 changed all that with the implementation of the blueprints system. But did the searchtower really had to be removed from the basic list? Alot of players feel that this is too much of a nerf.
Right now if a town fails to find the blueprint for the searchtower early on its a gg. Even in a random non coalition town just couple of active scavengers can eat the zones around town in a matter of days. And after that due to the lack of replenishment there will be no food,drugs or alcohol to go deep in the desert to try to find the blueprint. So basically a town has 4 maybe 5 days to get their hands on a ST blueprint if they hope to survive beyond day 15. Couple of lucky Nuts and Bolts and some rare BP with defensive buildings might push a town an extra day or two but thats all.
So thats why players feel like the tower should be made once again a start up building.
It is however important to note to people that the ST is a common blueprint and can be "chance" found by the Architect Study. So there are options. On the other hand sometimes even building the study is a little bit hard. The Herald feels that the steroids requirement is too tricky and perhaps should be replaced with rations of water or something else. There is just too much risk of people trying to mix pharmaceuticals into steroids and wasting resources. And the people with the lab will have a hard time getting them too because of their increasingly good % to make a twinoid with each level. Generally both the steroids and the vodka are hard to keep items. Alot of new players use them straight away since its extra AP.

But if the ST is returned to its base structure status that might once again cause the upgrade path to take a boring turn making everybody upgrade it for the first 5 days and maybe doing a pump once in-between. The upgrading of the tower is a serious issue and we have tasked our Research & Development team to look into the matter. In our next issue we will talk at greath lenght about upgrades.

So what do you guys think?
Should the SearchTower be a start-up building and give all towns a fair go or it should be a luck based blueprint that gives the edge to the lucky ones?
Vote in the sidebar menu. Or go to the world forums to have your say!


Here are the results from last weeks poll:

How did the game change for you after the death of Rulesy`s app?

1) Organising stuff with the town takes more effort now but ill adjust.   38 (45%)      

2) This is horrible. I just cant play properly anymore.   27 (32%)

3) Well, we have the Oval Office and Atlas as replacements so i dont care.   9 (10%)
4) Never used the thing.   9 (10%)

 Citizen Votes: 83


We are experiencing a very interesting flood of map apps. Recently a new "external map" was released and its also a officially backed up by Motion Twin. It seems that everybody is very eager to dominate the map market but the competition is thick and the Herald already knows about a 4th map coming this way and its creator has already contacted us for a feature about it in our paper. Everybody is updating their apps like crazy and it will be very interesting to see who will emerge the winner in this mapping race.


@ Can YOU read this thread without getting a headache? Meridius said : Wow! That's the longest sentence I have ever seen.  

@MayorFasi continues to avoid our interview invites. Is the flamboyant politician too embarassed to walk to our office after Keith ran over his car? Or maybe he is afraid the interview will turn into another Frost vs Nixon kind of event.  

@Workshop is back in Oz. But we heard he got detained at the airport after border security found a suspicious looking kebab in his luggage. Was he butchering camels in Egypt? Or the kebab was just an infected piece of meat he was trying to smuggle in the country in order to feed it to r3dd3r?

@crypted likes the movie "The Prestige". The renown player was heard saying : "Im a man but even i think Hugh Jackman is hot!" The Herald thinks somebody has a crush on the Australian Star.

 Interviewing a Doctor
All players must agree to the terms and conditions of our interview policies. No interviews will be hold or published without the consent of the player. The Die2Nite Herald holds no responsibility for what might happen to the players image. Everybody should mind their words.

 Azmael Q: Hello Deblyn thank you so much for joining us at our new office. How do you like our bronze Crow Statue? We just got it from France.
 Deblyn A: Its very nice.....And artsy! 

Azmael Q: Isnt it??? Isnt it?? *cough* ehm yes...So have one of our radiation free muffins and please introduce yourself to our readers. Where are you surviving from and how old are you?
 Deblyn A: I live in the great state of California, I am an adult! Meaning over 30. 

Azmael Q: Word on the street is you are a doctor of some sort. What exactly it is that you do?
Deblyn A: Yes i am a respiratory therapist and polysomnographer....which means I see the sickiest kids on life support systems. I am working on my Doctorate. lI have to spend 2 years in Somalia to finish!

 Azmael Q: A true savior. How did such caring person like you end up in the harsh world  of Die2Nite? 
Deblyn A: My best freind introduced me to it while it was still in the beta mode. I fell in love with one of the zombies.....and have been going town to town searching for him every since.

Azmael Q: Ah Cupid you did it again! So besides the love of your life what else kept you roaming the desert for so long?
Deblyn A: Almost every town I make new friends. I enjoy the interaction of bringing ppl together....I have great fun. Even when I got meat lockered it was hilarious!

Azmael Q: Yes making friends is always good. But tell us how did you manage to get yourself meatlockered?
Deblyn A: I refused to take sides in the revolution. And I was punished for it!! I would do the same thing again! They put up a pole in the locker and made me dance for the zombies entertainment. I only made 72 mouldy dollars before I was eaten!

Azmael Q: Maybe they just needed an excuse to strip you of your clothes and why were we not invited? So now that you have experienced the meatlocker mechanic yourself what do you think? Yay or Nay?    
Deblyn A: I think that towns that are limited to 20 coalition members may be willing to kill nonparticipating residents faster. For the defense. Its a shame really. 

Azmael Q: So you think in the long run this will hurt people more than it would help?
Deblyn A: I think that giving heroes more power by doubling thier vote makes a secret uprising easier if it is well planned. And other members of the town, I think they will suffer, albeit quickly!, But everyone is ideally there for the good of the whole town right?
Azmael Q; Well we can always hope they are but sometimes coalitions clash and then legs and arms start flying around. Now recently another map app appeared. What do you make of it and how do you feel about this recent flood of maps? Is it good or maybe it will just split the community?
Deblyn A:m I actually like them ALL. If they were combined we would have an awesome map. I think Towns will need to decide on day 1 which they will use. I have been using all 3 to compare. There was obviously a lot of hard work put into the making of them. I am so impressed!

Azmael Q: Indeed the programmers have been busy and they all went in different directions. Its like everybody wants a piece of Rulesy`s throne. Now we were reading a report on your soul prior to this interview and  explain to us how did a doctor manage to die not 1 but 4 times from infection?
 Deblyn A: I was exposed. In trying to help othes I too became infected! 

Azmael Q: Well. . . there is such a thing as being too nice. You are a 1st generation player but you havent obtained that many distinction. Are there any that tickle your fancy or achievements are not your thing?
Deblyn A: I forget about the distinctions! I was thrilled to get the "Corpse Crusher" then felt like if I used it as my title people would expect heroic things of me. So I changed it to "talks to the animals" 

Azmael Q: Well we think that if you can make the Herald`s dog Chopper stop taking his shits at our reception it will truly be a miracle! Now you having so much experience what advice would you give to new players especially now with all the crazy changes that came with S3?
Deblyn A: I would tell them first and foremost..Ask questions. And read the forums! AND ASK Questions!! lol. My only piece of advice to the people that have been playing a while...Be nice to the newbies. Don't scare them off.! (and your dog is unhappy about the statue...hes jealous)

Azmael Q: Yes meatlockering the new guys is not exactly the best way to welcome people to the game and make new friends. Well Deblyn thank you so much for joining us today we wish you the best of luck, no more infections and here take another radiation free muffin for being such an awsome doctor. Oh and try not to die2nite!  
 Deblyn A: Thank you guys! This was great fun!
 *shortly after Deblyn left the room*
Herald worker: Alright sir got everything down shall i  (THE CROW appears from the shadows of the room) . . . . oh hello sir Cr. . . .
Azmael looks at THE CROW with raised eyebrows.
THE CROW: OH....*cough cough* CROOoooOOOOOaAAAW?
Azmael: I dont think she was wearing any panties sir.
Azmael: Yes sir. . . i was staring down there for 10 minutes. I would have seen something.
THE CROW: Croaaaaw . . . . . :(
Azmael: Maybe next time sir.

*Deblyn is a 30 something lady that loves to watch big hairy truck drivers getting sweaty with each other. And also might  not have worn any underwear during the interview. 

At The End Of The Day

Well this is it for Issue #5 
Once again dont forget to vote. And if you like the Herald go show some love on the world forums.
It was so much fun working on #5 and i have a whole bunch of things prepared for the incoming ones. Ive got two of the most recognizable players in the game coming in and sitting down with me for an interview and hopefully one of these days ill manage to catch fodgycakes too. 
 Try not to di2nite and ill see you guys next time :)

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