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The Die2Nite Herald Issue #2 The Meatlocker

The Die2Nite Herald Issue #2

 Yay after the release of the first issue there was quite the colorful response on the world forums. I suppose when writing things about people there is always the chance of somebody getting offended but overall the feedback has been great and that keeps me motivated. Even the Crow himself encouraged the project although he still does not allow posting of links. However the hope of the Herald is that it will become popular enough to one day be featured on the main page. For this second issue i scouted out  the discussion forum to see whats on the players minds. And after that meatlocker accident with Axiin and Sense i decided that it was a big enough issue and it was worth covering it and hopefully resolving the possible problems that might occur because of it.
Yours Azmael

 The Meat Locker

zombiestripper pointed out that the meat locker is a dual edges blade since it has the potential to save towns but it also gives negative distinctions to people. The Herald agrees. In the future it will be very hard to distinguish who got lockered because he was a griefer and who volunteered in order to help the town. Personally i think this way the latter are being put in a bad spot where in their future towns they might be and probably will be viewed as potential griefers and might get shunned. Also as stripper pointed out real griefers might lie about it and say they simply helped out the town and thats why they have the shun distinction. It is a very tricky situation.
HOWEVER! There is an answer to that problem. The Herald R&D* team suggests that once the Meat Locker is built on the citizens pages a new button should appear. Instead of registering a complaint people get a second option to specifically "meat locker" somebody. That way the volunteers will not get their negative distinction while in the same time they help out the town.
Of course sometimes during coalition arguments people might choose the kill somebody instead of simply shunning him but at the end of the day such internal conflicts do not deserve a negative distinction. It is this papers hope that Motion Twin will look into the matter and update how the meat locker current works in order to prevent further abuse that will no doubt occur in the future.
Also Axiin has pointed out that due to the flavor text of the Meat Locker it is illogical for it to be able to kill people who are in the dessert. That might not be a very serious issue but fixing it will be a pleasant bonus for everyone.
superconnorman also suggested a distinction to reward the selfless sacrifice of players who volunteer to be lockered. After all these people gave up their lifes so others can go on and reach new heights in the game they sure deserve it.
If you have any suggestions on the matter or just want to express your opinion or even displeasure about how the locker works now you can join the discussion in the world forums here.


@Workshop has revealed that he is in fact working on another "workshopping" project. The Herald is very excited about this and has requested an interview with the aussie player. Hopefully he will reveal some information about his project and how long it will be before it is released.

@ Bunch of players raised displeasure and concern about the gossip column and that we did not ask permission to talk about them. We would like to remind everyone that we do not really need any permission to post but of course even when talking gossip we do try our best to research and have solid facts behind our statements. Of course sometimes. . . we just might pull the leg of someone and make everyone speculate wherever its true or not. As it was said. . . . controversy is good.

@r3dd3r expressed his dissapointement that we did not talk about him in the Herald. We are very sorry about that. In fact once we even shared a town with his cousin. To make amends, at his convenience we will organize an interview where he can talk about playing footy with zombie heads, masochist distinctions and what it feels like to be one of the top players in the game.

Interviewing A Wizard
All players must agree to the terms and conditions of our interview policies. No interviews will be hold or published without the consent of the player. The Die2Nite Herald holds no responsibility for what might happen to the players image. Everybody should mind their words.

Azmael Q: Hello Mage Shooter thx for joining us at our modest office. First of all tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you playing from and how old are you?
Mage_Shooter A: I'm playing from Springfield, IL. Amazingly, I'm 13.

 Azmael Q: Amazing!!! How did a 13 year old found a game like Di2Nite?
Mage_Shooter A: I saw an ad about it on YouTube. It said 13 and up, and I thought the picture looked kinda neat, so I clicked the ad. And... here I am.

Azmael Q: What was the first thing that made you decide "hey this game is cool ill keep playing"?
Mage_Shooter A: I... I don't know really. It might have been the fact that the whole community had to help out, or maybe it was the apocalypse feel. Or maybe it was the zombies. I mean, who doesn't like zombies?

Azmael Q: Yes nothing can quite beat shooting a zombie with a battery luncher for breakfast. Being only 13 would you say the game is a bit too complex for our young players?
Mage_Shooter A: It really all just depends on the player. If they're smart, they should be able to understand it just fine. Although the graphics may be a bit overwhelming for the young'uns.

 Azmael Q: Is there anything in particular that you do not like about the graphics? Or there simply too many menus to start with?
Mage_Shooter A: I don't have a problem with any of it. But I can still kind of remember my freaked out reaction when I first died.

Azmael Q: Let us take a wild guess here. . . . you did not return to town before the attack?
Mage_Shooter A: What? No, I read the guide. The zombies overwhelmed the town on Day 4, Season 1. I was a bit disturbed by the picture of that one guy practically torn to bits.

Azmael Q: Yes i can see how that can freak out a kid. Maybe we will ask the Crow to take a picture of another less...disturbing body. I am looking at your soul page right now and it seems that you have played in quite alot of towns albeit not very successfull. What would you say is the main reason for those early deaths?
Mage_Shooter A: Let's see... Most of them were lack of communication, griefing and open doors.

Azmael Q: Yes lack of communication is a big issue in here. Now looking at your distinctions you have aquired quite a lot of construction points. Would you say that building is your favorite thing to do in the game?
Mage_Shooter A: Well, I prefer it over scavenging at least.

Azmael Q: Thats good. Witheout dedicated builders like yourself nothing would ever get completed. And finally. What advice would you give to new players and what would you personally like the game to have in a future update?
Mage_Shooter A: Always. Read. The. Forums.

Azmael: Words to live by. Mage Shooter thank you so much for joining us today the Herald wishes you best of luck in your future towns and hopes that you will not die2nite.
Mage Shooter: Anytime.

*Mage Shooter is a 13 year old non hero player who probably is more mature and better at this game than people twice his age. The Herald bows in respect.*

At The End Of The Day

Well this is it for the 2nd issue of the Herald. I hope you guys enjoyed reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it. Dont forget to vote in the sidebar and try not to die2nite.
Everybody who wishes to do an interview or has an interesting piece of information should contact me on the world forums so we can figure out a way to get in touch.


  1. The Meat Locker does NOT grant the shunned distinction, as was posted on the World Forums multiple times.