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The Die2Nite Herald Issue #1 The Future Of The Map

The Die2Nite Herald Issue #1

Welcome to the D2N Herald. 

This blog`s purpose is to filter the information flood from the world forums of the game and put it neatly in here for everyone to see. Ill discuss current issues that players are experiancing and will give out some advice to Motion Twin them selfs in my "Research & Development" issues. There will be pools that hopefully MT can use as a tool to gather some extra information. But mostly it will be a place where people who love the game can get their daily dose of D2N. After all we all have those moments where nobody is online and noone talks on the forums. And big rubber d**** can keep you busy for only so long. xD

 The Legacy of Rulesy
Over the past months our community has had its fair share of community content but nothing really stuck long enough. The only real giant was Rulesy and his "External Map" application that to most of us proved to be an invaluable tool. But now he is gone and our future is uncertain.
Back in the day when most of the current elite players were still learning the game using the game map was a real challenge. It just lacked the tools to support organised play. But here comes Rulesy to save us all from having our brains served as dinner to the ever hungry Zombie horde (and occasionally the Crow). It started out simple but it quickly won the hearts of all the players.
The best thing about the external map was that Rulesy kept updating it. Making it usable after each update of the game and improving different aspects. He took feedback from the world forums and eventually even got his own thread where people could approach him and give advice or just thank the guy for his amazing work. I think its important to remember that Rulesy hosted and designed the app on his own. He never got payed for it (i did hear that 3 donations were made but obviously that is not nearly enough) and he worked on the app during his spare time. Time which he could have used for other personal activities like his girlfriend, wife, children playing Call of Duty or swinging his golf stick and trying to hit the window of that rich guy who always curses at the kids in the park. But NO. . . he dedicated a fair amount of time to develop and improve the app everybody loved. The app that changed the meta game and the app that made it possible for alot of towns to go well beyond day 25.
Sadly after the release of the 3rd season Rulesy left the game for an unknown amount of time. He might not even come back. . . . but i think the first 3 generations of D2N players will always remember him and what he did for all of us.
Nowadays we have the "Atlas" and the "Oval Office" both great apps with alot of potential, but if it wasnt for Rulesy and his "External Map" none of them would exist today. He may be gone but his legacy will live on inside of each map application that gets made.


@Today i noticed that there is some kind of beef going on between Axiin and Sense. Apperantly there was some kind of argument between their two teams and drastic measures were taken and at some point Sense was put in the meatlocker (OUCH). Sense mentioned that he would like to make a thread and get all the facts out and make things clear. If that doesnt happen the D2N Herald will be more than happy to interview both of them and print their story.

@SheDevil got herself another "polite" warning from the Crow. Their "relationship" at some point even sparked a mass forum joke that quickly ended after the Crow took the eyes out of couple of unfortunate citizens. Will she learn from her past mistakes or will we see yet another ban? Only time will tell. . . .

@ Is MayorFasi going to keep his position? Word on the street is that the famous politician no longer gets it "done" and that a new candidate has appeared. There is some serious discussion about who is going to be the best mayor. Head to the world forums or click here to join the discussion:

At The End Of The Day

Well this is it for the first issue. I hope you enjoyed it and dont forget to vote. (In the pool not for the mayor)
Id like to thank Workshop who inspired this little project of mine. It has been brewing in my head ever since he made "Workshopping the community" but since a sequel never came i decided to continue his work or at least to try.
Also id like to call out fodgycakes to contact me because id like to do an interview with her in a future issue.

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