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The Die2Nite Herald Issue #3 Lazy Zombies and Tanks

The Die2Nite Herald Issue #3

First of all id like to apologize for the blunder yesterday. It was brought to our attention that mearlockering people does in fact NOT give a negative distinction. What happened was when our reporters were researching the issue that information was not available  and sadly with our shipping times by the time issue #2 reached the public it was too late to change it. But everyone here in the office took notes and we will try our best to avoid such mistakes in the future. On the other hand we are very proud to say that we already have hundreds of hits by citizens and even 6 subscribers. Which for a newspaper that has been running for 3 days is pretty amazing. This gives us extra motivation and we will do our best to make this the N:1 spot for D2N information.*

Yours Azmael

Lazy Zombies

There is something wrong with the zombies as of late. When season 3 came most of the threads on the world forums were concentrated on the "evil" meta-cap. Now people are trying to figure out new valid strategies and what the new buildings are and what do they do. Like that notorious sandcastle that has been getting alot of attention in the past days, but more on that later.
One thing people are underrating is the new zombie attack system. One of the biggest issues new towns and players are facing is the lack of a gatekeeper. When that happens in the first days it just completely devastates a town and it removes and hopes for long term survival. Motion Twin has taken some action to help fix this by making the zombies...lazy. We all know zombies are slow and stupid rotten corpses, but now researchers around the globe are finding that they are also super lazy. Once they reach their goal (your town gates) they quickly lose interest. So now even if your town has open gates there is a very good chance that you will survive. KingCrizzo posted this yesterday on the world forums:

-My town is in chaos and we have had the attacks seem to spike the last 2 days. There are only 3 of us left and we just got a big defense boost from the cemetery, but we still aren't even close to what the attack was last night.
-I'm trying to figure out if the attack has spikes and dips like it did in previous seasons, or if it just steadily rises. Is there anyone in a day 13 town that can give me their estimate so I can get a better idea of what to expect tonight?
-I think it would have to be a town that started on the first day of season 3, because that's when we started (may have been 2nd day, can't remember).
-Also, vital information about how the attacks work: 
-We left the gates open (on purpose as an experiment) and the attack was 1200. All zeds got in and about 1000 did nothing. Everyone died but the 3 of us that are still alive, and only one got terrorized. 
-The previous night 51 zeds got in. 7 people were devoured and 7 people were terrorized. The remaining people were not attacked at all either (not sure the exact number of people that weren't attacked).  
-Just some interesting data there. Brains for food for thought, or something like that. So anyone got day 13 estimates for me? 

So as you can see a whooping 1,000 zombies decided to have a bowling game in town instead of having dinner. One theory is that this only occurs when the gates are left open. People are saying that when the zombies break the gates because of all the energy they spent they become very hungry and cranky and start rushing the houses in search for brains. Dkarba had this to say about the phenomenom: Could be the S3 survival strategy. If are less than then close gates and sleep soundly. If count is higher than leave gates open and live for the low low price of 1d3 human happy meals. 
It certainly is an interesting thought and hopefully this will be tested further in the future.
Even if some further research is needed to clarify what exactly triggers zombie rushes one thing is for sure your chances to survive2nite are alot higher than they used to be in previous seasons. So even tho the blueprint mechanic and the removal of searchtower as a base building did affect survivability we have to remember that the zombie attacks and the zombies got modified too.
Have you tested the new zombie attacks? Or maybe  you have a suggestion or an interesting idea how to utilize this new mechanic. Post in the comment section below and the best comments will get printed in the next issue.

Keith Got It. . . Ran Over ?_?

The political powers in Die2Nite are in a stalemate. MayorFasi, Keith and PrivateButtkiss are all fighting for the mayor position. Fame, Money and Power are at stake here and none of them plans to lose this race. The latest campaign stunt really took the cake.
Most of you probably do not remember but couple of weeks ago deputy Ryscar who works for Keith fined MayorFasi because he parked his car in a non-parking zone:
Dear Mayor Fasi 
We have found your car up in the north west part of our town. A member of our scouting corps had volunteered to watch over it last night to ensure that nothing untoward occurred to the vehicle. For this service we have been rewarded with plans for a new public works project, which we will use wisely to improve our town. However due to manpower shortage we can no longer afford to keep an eye on your vehicle.
On a more unfortunate note, we have discovered; after an extensive search of the records of Hole of Armageddon; that the area within which the vehicle now resides is not zoned for parking. Reluctantly we will have to fine you 40 water rations for illegal parking. Please deposit the rations in the town bank post-haste, so that we may remove the clamp for the back-right wheel of the 'Mayor Mobile.' This will allow you to move the vehicle to a more suitable location, and avoid accruing any additional fines.
The citizens of the Hole of Armageddon.

P.S. Please get it done soon, the water rations are needed to help fund several of our upcoming projects. Like tonight's banquet in honor of not being dead quite yet. With the water rations we are afraid that the party may end up not having quite the right tone.

P.S.S. We am currently unsure if the recent changes to the parking fee structure of our town from wads of cash to water rations have resulted in an overall increase or decrease of the rates. However the measure was passed unopposed with a vote of 20 to 0 with 9 abstentions. Some people just refuse to participate in the town forum.

Now what happened was Fasi was given 2 weeks to pay the fine. He failed to do so and a furious battle occured in the High Court. At the end Fasi payed 30 water rations and the dispute was settled. But the bad blood still remains because yesterday MayorFasi parked his car in the wrong spot again. . . not only that but it was Keith`s own parking spot. But no fines this time. Keith would have none of this and after some deals were made and some stinking pigs changed owners he came back to deliver justice.  "Park in the wrong place and you pay for it. NOONE is above the law!" said the candidate. MayorFasi could not be found for comment.
On the other hand their rival PrivateButtkiss had this to say: "All this is childs behavior. Do we really want to be ruled by people like this?" Bold words. The Herald is curious what Buttkiss`s mature ideas for the future of the D2N citizens are and requested an interview. 
Buy the next issue to find out what is happening in our crazy political world.

A Castle Made From Sand

Pumkintits  and her Sandcastle story went viral on the world forums. Here is a sneak peak:
The SandCastle gives NO defense. Takes 300 AP and is a very rare BP that gives a rare distinction.
Azmael: Pumkintits everybody on the world forums is raving about your Sandcastle and the dance party. We know we are doing a cover of the story later but give our readers something juicy before hand. Just to keep em warm at night.
Pumkintits: Oh Azmael, you cheeky thing! Asking me to spill the magical secrets of the 'House of Ass Protection'!? Well okay, I can tell you this: It is big, it is made of sand, and has claimed the lives of many during its construction. We even used the blood of one disliked citizen to paint the inside of my boudoir! The dance party was amazing, but I'm sorry if people want the more juicy details they will just have to wait until the next issue!

There you have it....House of Ass Protection! Oh Crow our lawyers will have a fit from this.


@Has anybody seen Epoq? Did the Crow finally decided to kill him and take over? Is he on holidays and if he is where? There some major complaints from players and even threats of request for refund and whatnot. Where are the developers? We believe that couple of posts from him will calm players. Because when you are not defending yourself you start to look guilty.

@ Why does spacekadt hate Azmael so much? Feedback is all welcome but we feel like our editor is being personally attacked. After some quick look at the player records we found no town connections between the two of them. Where does this beef come from? Was there some intimacy between them in the past? Is that what now clouds spacey`s judgement? Was Azmael rude to her in the past and simply does not remember? Who knows . . .but those little flame wars sure are amusing alot of people.

At The End Of The Day

Well this is it for Issue #3. Thanks for reading. Dont forget to vote and if you like us show the Herald some love on the world forums. 
Creative comments and suggestions will be posted in future issues. Tip of the hat to Shepherd who suggested that we do a cover of the mayor war.  
Good luck to all of you, try not to die2nite.

I added some flavor text to the political segment but the Ryscar story is completely true.

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  1. Dear Herald.

    I write to disagree with a statement, in the third issues, Lazy Zombies and Tanks.

    'Pumkintits and her Sandcastle story went viral on the world forums. Here is a sneak peak:'

    It would be more correct to report; The Sandcastle story from The Town of Dull Thoughts went viral.

    I feel sorry for the poor guy originally made the thread. Who ever he was.

    Kind Regards
    Resident of Dull Thoughts