Friday, 2 September 2011

Under Siege

The Herald was recently under siege by a vicious amount of zombies! The staff had to barricade itself inside and try to hold on to their lives until the zombies got bored and left for a better pray. They were vigilant and remained outside for couple of days.

Alot of furniture was used including our kit-kat jar and the chief editor`s desk (oh he will be pissed about that) the only thing noone dared use against the zombies was the Crow Statue we have. Being eaten by a zombie is much better than facing the wrath of the Crow X_X

The zombies have left now. We are rebuilding. We have ordered new furniture and hired a considerable amount of workforce from the builders guild to assist us in the repairing and reinforcing of our HQ.
Some parts from our printing machines were used as weapons during the attack so thats why we were unable to release any issues.
Besides there was no way we could have distributed them anyway.

We are hoping our readers will forgive us for failing to keep them up to date with current affairs.
The next issue will be free.

We apologize for any inconvinience.

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