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The Die2Nite Herald Issue #9 Following The Rules

The Die2Nite Herald Issue #9 Following The Rules

The forums and the community has been relatively quiet ever since the big s3 outrage happened. So it has been slightly tricky to come up with material for the herald. That and my busy schedule at work + my recent birthday prevented me from releasing any new issues. But im back on track with an interview from another great player and with an official logo for the Herald. I have some things brewing on the kitchen but i cant put a release date on any of those just yet. So just keep reading and keep surviving.

Yours Azmael


Everynow and then players will forget their place and start arguing with each other or just troll other people`s threads. Flame wars often take place just out of spite. Its good to remember that NOONE is above the rules and that the Crow is not afraid of poking with his beak. The community forum is a great place where people can resolve their problems or the quake net chat rooms. The World Forums are a place for help, exchanging information and having a good time. Arguments and trolling are not desirable. Later in the issue we will talk with r3dd3r about being an oracle and the issues that come from player behavior.

A reminder from the CROW.
Alot of times players will start going judge Dredd on members who make mistakes or break rules on the forums and then another dozen will follow. That is pointless and just spams threads and make people annoyed when they see themselfs being criticized by other players. So listen to the Crow and click on the "report" button next time you get the need to scold someone.


This last poll was a bit of flavor and just a research for an idea i have for the Herald in the future.

What kind of Sports league you would like to see in the D2N Universe?

Zombie Soccer
  11 (26%)
Zombie Tennis
  1 (2%)
Zombie Rugby
  12 (29%)
Zombie Golf
  6 (14%)
Zombie Basketball
  1 (2%)
  10 (24%)

Votes so far: 41
Poll closed 

I must say the end results surprised me. I would have liked a tad more votes but either way Rugby won? Yay!


The Forum watch is the Heralds summary of what has been going on in the world forums. We pick some of the more interesting threads on the World Forums and bring it to the attention of everyone.

* Suggestion Tracker *
WARNING: This thread may contain some spoilers of content found in die2nite!
By packersfan250

The suggestion list has grown and has been updated. Go have a look and a reminder to everyone- the suggestion tracker thread is only for packersfan250 to work on. If you have any comments use the discussion thread.

*From Dusk Till Dawn*
By BerZerg

Shortly after the relealse of Duskdawn we had a talk with BerZerg about his map application which you can read in Issue #8 of the Herald. Since then his app has become the leading external map and people have been swarming his thread with suggestions and feedback. BerZerg has been hard at work on improving it and if you have any ideas make sure to stop by and share them.

*Caring For The Future*
By Workshop

With the huge changes that came with season 3 players have been forced to play with alot of rookie players. Communication has never been more important and crucial than it is right now. So to greet and guide the new blood of Die2Nite Workshop created the "Future" thread with the idea of collecting players welcome messages and short guides that people use on their town forums. If you are a new player make sure you go have a look. And if you have a guide of your own do share it with the community.

*Wrought Iron vs Twisted Plank*
By Shepherd

A very interesting RP thread. Who`s side are you on? The plank or the iron and why? Here at the Herald we are firm supporters of Wrought Iron and we often have dreams of building an Iron-Man armor of our own.


There was alot of rebuilding after the huge zombie attack on our headquarters. One of the things we worked hard on was not only to re-build but to improve our offices. It was in the works for awhile and after the devastating attack we felt that now was the best time to put the official logo to decorate our front door.
We hope our readers will like it.

The Die2Nite Wiki page has been an invaluable asset to this game. Recently they made some major reforms aswell and the wiki has never looked better. Its much better organised and new players can really dig in and get the best out of it. We feel this is crucial tool for surviving in the desert and even tho it is not in the official directory we at the Herald will try to promote it as much as we can.
One of the things we will do is put a link in our site menu in the hopes that rookies will see and use it. For most new players reading info on the wiki can be the difference between life and death. So if you are a new player and if you are confused the D2N Wiki is the place to go.

Interviewing R3dd3r Part 1

D2N Herald Q: Hello r3dd3r thank you for joining us today at our HQ. You are one of the biggest players in the game in terms of renown but looking at your clothing you must be playing from a very distant town. Tell us where are you from and how old are you?
R3D A: Thankyou I'm 27 and it has been a struggle to get here, Fellow Tasmanian players Spartie and Kean4311 let me use them as a Raft to get across Bass Strait to make this meeting at times it reminded me of the 2004 Sydney to Hobart.

D2N Herald Q: Another Australian. Is it a safe bet to say that some of the other aussies got you into the game?
 R3D A: No actually it wasn't although I did get a few Australians into the game no one gave me credit so I have had to earn all my hero days myself.

D2N Herald Q: Hopefilly they got you a beer or something. Bringing fresh corps...erm players to the game is all good but what attracted you to Die2Nite?
 R3D A: Zombies, I like them and I needed a game I could play at work to fill in some dead time between rounds on night shift. But as I'm related or good friends with the players I got into the game Yeah we have had some beers and talked strategies.

D2N Herald Q: So D2N is not just for casual fun but a rather competitive game for you?
 R3D A: I would say until season 3 it was getting competitive, after the cap came in it was more casual as the teaks had been shut down a fair bit, it was fun to compete against the other set teams but random teams are just that too random.
Skill is still involved to handle all the random elements but the fun of the challenge took too big a hit.
So for me it's more about unlocking hero powers and holding on for private towns.

D2N Herald Q: Well there are some pretty cool hero powers later on. How many days have you amassed so far?
R3D A: 259 Hero days with 537 hero days left to use.

D2N Herald Q: Thats quite impressive. Do you think you will be playing the game for so long that you bought hero days for almost year and a half in advance?
 R3D A: well yes and no , my wife is having a baby and cash flow will dry up a little once I have a child I had to get hero days now if I wanted them. I don't mind if I'm not playing in a year I will just give the days away, I have already given more than 300 days to people through Epoq and BIA.

D2N Herald QFor the sake of your incoming baby we hope that we wont see you around as much after its born. But 300 days that is very generous of you. No wonder you are an oracle. And speaking of did you get the job? Was it something you were seeking or they offered it to you?
R3D A: Well I will have to pick up a few more night shifts so that is probably when I will be getting on. It will slow me down but I play from my Phone a fair bit too, like you said family first though. I asked Epoq one day if I could become an Oracle after noticing it in the info box at the top of the page after the crow posted and never got a response it was months after that though when I get the message in my soul. Honestly your pick is as good as mine why it was me, maybe something to do with the -100 town mentoring I was doing, I don't know.

D2N Herald Q: But obviosly you are taking the position very seriously as you are the most active of all the Oracles. How does it feel being an oracle and posting in blue?
R3D A: Like a kid at Christmas at first, the blue box is a fun tool to have it fades though and at times it can feel like a chore repeating the same answers over and over but people need to know that's why they ask and that makes it rewarding, to be helping people. The hardest part is that people watch you so I have to try and keep the rest of my forum traffic to a high level.

D2N Herald Q: You have been very vigilant about reminding people to follow the rules and reporting those who break them. Do you think that Oracles should get boosted powers in order to edit/delete posts in order to better enforce crowd control?
R3D A: No not at all! It is a fault of mine that I keep reminding people to follow the rules, I'm not a mod and I need to remember that.  However personally I think the crow has a hard enough time of it sometimes and I would like to help, I wouldn't have the required self control I would be breaking out the Ban Hammer left right and centre.

D2N Herald Q: What actions do you think should be taken against players who keep breaking the rukes? Ever since season 2 The Crow has been more open to the public and talking with some players or commenting here and there. This might have made alot of citizens feel like he has gotten soft and that they can get away with things if they post something nice on his thread. How do you feel about that?
R3D A: I would like to see a return of the old scary Crow who threw out forum bans and shut people down with fear, but it feel it is also kind  right how it is know, we have been playing and interacting for a long time. My  fear is that the crow will now show favouritism with people he is fond of,  Is he fond of people or just corpses?  Also The Crow has always been soft he is only  a Weak spirit.

D2N Herald Q: Yes Staying neutral is very hard. Now being an Oracle you have to deal with alot of questions from players both new and old, but what are your thoughts on unlocking the help section to NON-Heroes?
R3D A: It would be a nightmare, at times you already get questions re-asked that are still on the front page of the help forum. I would be more for putting Oracle like players into -100 towns to help them in town. maybe Players with 1000-2000sp could get the blue box in -100 towns, then that would be abused so I don't think things should change.

D2N Herald Q: Maybe a return of the wiki to the game`s directory. The wiki is just so rich in information! Now if you are given a chance to kill a zombie any way you want. How would you kill it>?
R3D A: Yes the Wiki needs to drop the ads and reapply for official status. any in game way or any way I could think of? I like the idea of a moat full of acid around my zombie survival compound or if I had to chose an in game option I would go with using the dog, I trained my cocker spaniel to destroy the brain, he leaps up and snouts people in the face.

D2N Herald Q: Everybody likes distinctions and goes hunting for them. What are you after? Whats r3dd3rs dream title?
R3D A: I love titles that are more giving than selfish play related, I like the BIA day title and I would like to unlock the top of that list, if not that I have never found a large chest, not in all those days I have been a hero, so I would love a few of them.

To be continue . . . .

At The End Of The Day

It took a little over a week to release but issue #9 is finally out. I hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as i enjoyed making it. As you can see im tinkering with the layout of the site all the time to try and find the best way to publish. Im trying out new color themes for the interviews since i really liked how W.C`s colors matched the blog style.
As always dont forget to vote and if you like the Herald Follow It

See you around and try not to die2nite!

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